Inside Story

A 'body map' from 'inside story' workshop.


Helen Paris and Leslie Hill

Inside Story is a theory/practice course offered for graduate level students that explores the connections between biology and biography in performance through critical academic research and creative practice-based research. The course combines seminar discussions with devising techniques in workshops and is assessed by participation in seminars and workshops, essay writing and performance making.

Student Evaluations

”I really learned how amazing it can be when I push myself to use and explore my body. The class also helped me develop a clearer method for incorporating different sensual/biological elements into my performances. I am particularly excited by the idea of smell memory and its unique power in performance.”

”It is challenging as all get-out if you are an actor who is mostly drawn to working with dialogue. But this class is excellent for learning to tell stories with your body and, more importantly, to elicit responses from your audiences with your own body. There is a common universal language that we use to communicate on a biological level and this class gives you the tools to examine that language and the ways you can use in theatre.”

”Accessing knowledge or intuition from the body and through different channels, stimulating responses / emotions / memories with a variety of senses, collaborating to make performances, making solo performances, delving into the multitude of ways autobiography can manifest, so much more!”