Solo Performance


Helen Paris

In this course, Paris shares Jill Dolan’s pedagogic aspiration to ‘train my students to use performance as a tool for making the world better, to use performance to incite people to profound responses that shake their consciousness of themselves in the world’ (Dolan, 2001). Solo performance has a distinct lineage in Theatre and Performance Studies. It has been particularly powerful in giving voice to under-represented and minority issues and identities. In this class students will learn how to draw from the specificity of their own unique experiences, connecting with ideas, issues and questions that resonate with race, class, gender, environmental and global issues. The course will develop creative and critical tools to enable students to connect the personal with the political and see the solo voice as a powerful and potent form of artistic expression. Students will have the opportunity to focus on and hone their own creative talents in writing, devising, composing, producing and creating work.

Student Evaluations

“Extraordinary. I took this course despite the fact that it conflicted with a core major course and I am overwhelmingly happy I did. This class challenged me in a way I have never been challenged and watching everyone artistically grow around me during the quarter was unforgettable.“

“Incredibly supportive attitude that pushed students to create their best work without being overwhelming.“

“Very attentive and flexible, yet always in control and giving us clear instruction. Really got to know us and our individual strengths/needs.“

“The process of arriving at the final performance was well-structured and the artist book is such a useful assignment – I’ll be looking back at it very soon, and again and again, I’m sure.“