Uprooted searocket clumps lay in sand dunes


UpRoot acknowledges and celebrates survival, diversity and interconnectivity in a time of upheaval and change.

UpRoot is a series of creative gardening and foraging workshops with recent UK immigrants, including refugees, crafting a nurturing creative space to talk about leaving and finding home through the medium of plants.

Our commitment to community engagement prioritises speaking ‘to’ and ‘with’ rather than ‘for’ and ‘about’ immigrants. We invite participants to acknowledge and celebrate survival, diversity and interconnectivity in times of upheaval and change and to think about the ways we can nurture the environment and each other in our local communities. Curious employ rooting and uprooting as metaphors for personal as well as botanical stories at a time when 65 million people are displaced worldwide.

We will be touring England with UpRoot from May 2019. Please check back for details and tickets in early 2019.

Wild Longings and UpRoot have been created through a rich interdisciplinary collaboration with Dr Sue Rhee, director of the Plant Biology Department at the Carnegie Institution for Science and with Stanford University’s Woods Institute for the Environment, who generously funded this work through a Venture Award. The works was co-commissioned by Norfolk and Norwich Festival and is produced by Artsadmin.