Wild Longings

Wild Longings

A sensuous horticultural journey celebrating diversity, interconnectivity and survival in times of upheaval and change.

Wild Longings takes audiences on lush garden tours sown with stories and songs of transformation, migration and conservation.  The immersive experience invites us to think about how we might provide succour to each other and the environment.

Norfolk and Norwich Festival 11-13 May 2019
2 Degrees Festival 1-3 June 2019
Knotty, Hastings 8-9 June 2019

How might creative acts of rooting and uprooting help sustain the nurture of things we hold dear?

by Helen Paris

Timeless you
weather millennia then
Branch out
Three red berries
A sudden ellipsis
Your transition …
From he to she.
Strong limbs splayed
Open to the possibility
Of change
In the next millennium.
Rooting for a future
Fecund, female and free
from the Picts, Celts, Romans
hewing yew for longbows –
the constant brawl
of patriarchy.
A fairytale promise
Laced with poison
Plumps your fruit
Blood red. Ready.

Wild Yew berry branch
Wild Longings



Wild Longings has been created through an interdisciplinary collaboration with Dr Sue Rhee, director of the Plant Biology Department at the Carnegie Institution for Science and with Stanford University’s Woods Institute for the Environment, who generously funded this work through a Venture Award. The work was co-commissioned by Norfolk and Norwich Festival and is produced by Artsadmin. Wild Longings at 2 Degrees Festival 2019 is supported by the City of London Corporation.