New works

News 1 May 2018

Discarded clothes draped on a masive tree trunk in a forest
Wild Longings, a new work by Curious

We are currently working two new pieces – Wild Longings and UpRoot.

Wild Longings is a performance encounter that takes place within a forest habitat. It hails the multiplicity of ecosystems, the kinship and camaraderie of migrant and non-migrant species, and the transgender possibilities and potencies of plants and trees. Funded by the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment, the work invites audiences into a sensual encounter with the environment that acknowledges death and decay whilst celebrating seduction and survival, diversity and interconnectivity.

UpRoot is a series of creative gardening and foraging workshops with recent UK immigrants., acknowledging and celebrating survival, diversity and interconnectivity in a time of upheaval and change. See the current tour dates and find out more about the works below.

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