Claudia Barton

Woman with pearls
Claudia Barton in “the moment I saw you I knew I could love you”

Claudia Barton became an Associate Artist of Curious in 2011 after collaborating on several projects including the moment I saw you I knew I could love you and Slipstreaming.

A bard in the traditional sense, Claudia pens ballads that are inclined to be melodic with needle-pointed lyricism. She will write on given themes of history, place and science after a gestation of research. She is known as a torch-singer and although she has finally overcome the eternal return to frustrated love stories she occasionally laces her songs with romantic tropes. Claudia’s tastes are catholic and she has been accused of duplicity in the past, being found out straddling opposing genres of music in different guises. Typical venues she has performed at are state concert halls in Moscow, underground clubs in Tokyo, industrial art venues in Sydney, black box theatres in New York, intimate Cafes in Paris, railway arches in Glasgow and Embassies or Churches in London. Her music has been played on Radio 3, Radio 6, Resonance FM and beyond as well as being soundtracks for Netflix, BFI and MUBI films. Claudia loves to collaborate, especially with her friends, Curious, Andrew Kötting, Jean-Nöel Chaleat, David Rothon, Ian Williams, Toby Warren and Oliver Cherer to name a few. Currently Claudia is collaborating with Curious and the Wild life of Western Ireland.