Claudia Barton

Woman with pearls
Claudia Barton in “the moment I saw you I knew I could love you”

Claudia Barton became an Associate Artist of Curious in 2011 after collaborating on several projects including the moment I saw you I knew I could love you and Slipstreaming.

Claudia Barton is a composer and singer. She has co-written two albums in the London Duo Gamine, co-written another album with Cloudier Skies, has collaborated on an album with French producer Jean-noël Chaleat, translating lyrics for Jaqcues Duvall and Françoise Hardy. She has sung with DEMIS ROUSSOS and provided vocals for commercial and non-commercial artists.

With filmmaker Andrew Kötting she has collaborated in several work most recently his films EDITH WALKS, released in 2017 and LEK and the DOGS released June 2018. She created GAINSBOROUGH AN INVITATION, commissioned by the National Trust commission at Smallhythe Place, June 2017 and the solo, PERDITA, commissioned by the Wallace Collection, February 2018.

Her music, described as ‘earthy and archaically lady like” ( SIGHT & SOUND) has been played on Radio 3, Radio 6, Resonance FM and has accompanied films including THE KILLINGS OF TONY BLAIR currently on Netflix and EDITH WALKS on Mubi and the BFI player. Her work has toured extensively in the UK and international performances include Paris, Brussels, Sydney, Ljubljana, New York, San Francisco, Wisconsin, Tokyo, Osaka and Moscow.