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News 4 October 2016

Landfill a short film by Curious and Andrew Kotting
Landfill a short film by Curious and Andrew Kotting

Join us for the LADA Screens launch event and screening of two short films by Curious with Andrew Kötting. The screenings will be accompanied by a talk from Curious’ Helen Paris and Leslie Hill who will discuss their work on Gut Feelings, including their collaboration with neurogastroenterologists, the creation of the film Sea Swallow’d, the performance, the moment I saw you I knew I could love you and the artist workshop Autobiology.

Landfill, 2011

An idyllic location, a perfect spot, but something just isn’t quite right, something doesn’t fit. Shot on the crumbling cliffs of Beachy Head, the film plays out as a Beckettian post apocalyptic picnic.
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Sea Swallow’d, 2010

Charts the choppy waters of gut feelings, capturing the flotsam and jetsam of impulse, desire and fights to the death. Shot as a series of lapping and flowing, irregular chapters, which borrow their titles from Moby Dick.
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Launch event and screening

22 August 2016, 7–9pm
Live Art Development Agency,
The White Building, Queen’s Yard,
White Post Lane, London
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